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Reservation wrong

Godo evening.

Today I have received a reservation from 19/08 to 23/08. I don’t know what is happened but I haven’t rooms for the period . How can we cancel the reservation?

Thanks for you help.

Best regards.

Giulia Ratti 

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You can't.  You'll have to contact and let them know you're not able to accomodate them. will then try to find them another place. You'll still have to pay commission for this booking (at least). You are responsible for confirmed bookings.  

1 month ago

You can alternatively try to relocate the guest yourself. The other property must be at least equal to yours in facilities and quality. If your local contacts are good you should be able to "do a deal" so that you do not lose money or even make a little!

If BDC does the relocation they will charge whatever the cost is of the relocation e.g. more expensive accommodation, transfer costs etc. You could end up with a large bill!

Another possibility is to contact the guest and ask them to cancel with your guarantee of waiving all cancellation fees (i.e. free cancellation).

1 month ago