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A separate space for vacation rentals

I wonder what other home vacation rental owners think about and vacation rentals. 

* My experience as a traveler
Most vacation rental sites that are dedicated to vacation rentals are easier. However somehow it works out as I more recently booked more through booking than through other platforms.

* My experience as a vacation rental owner
We initially listed our villa only on HomeAway, TripAdvisor and AirBnB. Due to our traveler experience we listed also at and got a first booking really quickly - faster than on others. Probably because it is all on one site (hotels and VR).

Love to hear other opinion.

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Ranthambore Ba…

I am agree with you that as a guest you will find booking process easier than other as well as their site is more friendly that other and if i talk about the business than also is on the top business provider although cancellation ratio is high but that is fine.

1 year ago

As a vacation rental owner, it feels like airbnb is much more suited to my needs. In most cases, does work for us (and we get a good percentage of our reservations from Booking), however, my number one complaint about Booking is that we can't write our own property description. There are things about our rental house that people need to know beforehand, such as the fact that there is a self check-in code and that we don't live on the property, and we've found that many people simply don't read messages we send to them on the Booking messaging platform.

And yes, we get a much higher cancellation rate through Booking. But if we could only write our own description, I feel like our guests would have a much better idea of what to expect. We are not a hotel and operate much differently than one. Not to mention that the description on Booking seems to tout our location (which isn't great) and the fact that we're pet-friendly, instead of our uniquely cool amenities like a loft with an indoor grownup slide or the fact that the house is made of adobe and other all-natural building materials, inside and out. We also have heat, and we're the only place in town to offer this (not even the hotels have heating).

1 year ago

Because sites like Booking and Expedia basically are using their hotel templates for vacation rentals, there will always be confusion and less bookings. Guests are prompted to book a "unit" or "room", which in fact means booking the entire villa or house. How is a guest supposed to know that's what it means? Also, as a previous poster noted, not being able to write descriptions leads to inaccuracies and dull descriptions. We get very few bookings through Booking, but there is a ton of untapped potential. If they were to cater more to the needs of vacation rentals, I think they'd see a dramatic increase in their bookings.

11 months ago
Axel - Villa Lorien

Thanks @SunsetPointVilla can't agree more.
Maybe we craft a suggestion to that describes what we feel is needed for guests to better understand the difference in the offers. I.e. flagging each property as: "Hotel/Motel", "Bed & Breakfast" "Private Villa", "Private room". Just last week I found an interesting property for us in Greece. I took me 15 minutes of reading and research to find out it was not a private villa but a very small "Hotel".

Do you know anybody at who might be a good contact?

11 months ago

I don't know anyone at, and I find that suggestions fall on deaf ears. With vacation rentals being the huge market they are, I have no idea why companies like and Expedia seem to treat them like they're not important.

11 months ago
Axel - Villa Lorien

Not so sure they fall on deaf ears. I work with a few enterprises and they are all terrified by what is coming. They just don't know how to deal with it. Booking has 17,000 employees. The management needs to make sure every single one works above 85% performance to maintain profitability - performance that has been structured 15+ years ago.
In the 1980's technology growth has alienated elderly people
In the 1990's technology growth has alienated elderly industries
In the 2000's technology growth has alienated elderly managers
In the 2010's technology growth is already alienating businesses founded only 20 years ago.
In the 2020's customers will be responsible to provide insights and feedback in order to get the products they want - product managers have a very different role as consumers finally are way more powerful that ever before - it's no longer a fight we all must turn it into partnerships.

Hey are you agreeing? Can we be of help making it work?

11 months ago

I miss black lines around boxes. I never know where to click anymore. Sigh

I have a B&B that I also rent as a whole house. I get my whole house rentals which is the biggest easiest money from Airbnb, and Homeaway. I get room rentals from Booking during slow months.

However, today I called booking and was on the phone for an hours in search of 1 Question.

How can I change categories for the summer months on Booking from B&B to Vacation Home? And should I? How many hits, clicks, views and sales of Vacation Rentals vs B&B's are they getting? Is it prudent to switch?

Answer: We cannot answer that.

WHAT? I know you have the data, why not share it with your 'partner' so I can maximize my revenue.

Answer: SORRY We don't, we cannot and we will not. We can switch your catagory, but then we have the discription battle and the B&B reviews. I ask if I can snooze my B&B for the summer and open up a new listing under Vacation rentals. Answer: NO So if I switch the catagory and the guest reviews remain the same everyone will be confused? Answer: I guess so. So I would have to delete shaybnb & then open up a vacation rental and then start ALL over again in the fall and winter months without any reviews......... sigh

So I turn to you board. What do you think?

Shaybnb Charleston/Airport

I am getting pretty over being a B&B with one day turn overs on booking, kissing ass like no tomorrow and only 1 out of 7 people leaves a review.

1 month ago