We’ve resolved an issue with your invoice payment history

We recently became aware of a technical issue in the extranet that meant the information displayed about your invoice and payment history may not have been up to date. We’re happy to let you know we’ve now resolved the issue, and the status of your invoices and recent payments is now updated.


You don’t need to contact us about this. We’d like to reassure you that our internal payment systems weren’t affected at any point, and our records of your invoices and payments remained accurate throughout. We apologise for any inconvenience.



sync option


i don't have the option to sync with en url ics in my back office. How can i active it ?


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Isle of Wight …

The option will be in there somewhere - depends on what your extranet setup is. I used to have Rates & Availability as one of the main icons in my extranet, but now I have Calendar, which has the calendar sync as a sub-page of that.


If you find the calendar sync and set it up, don't rely on it. For many owners, the calendar sync is broken. Even if you reset it, it can change the settings on it's own and fail to sync with other OTAs. For us, this has led to several double bookings, which are a real pain to deal with. So if you use Booking.com calendar sync, always block manually in Booking.com and other OTAs every time you get a booking.

1 year ago