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What's in a name - How to make guests reading the small print?

Hello, we are a small fish in a very big lake, we only have three bedrooms and are listed as a farmstay and our name is now Finca Casa Halcon. We are 4 kms outside of Almonte, but a lot of people still think we are in town, that is why I asked BDC to add 'Finca' in front of Casa Halcon. Unfortunately we still get not so great reviews because guests are disappointed that we are not central, even though the map shows it. We recently got a 3.5 review because of that and it is obvious that potential guests do not read the description. I know there is no solution to guests not reading 'the small print'. Some guests seem to get a fright when they realize we actually live here too and share our house with the guests. Has anybody an idea or similar experiences?

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