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Withdrawn reviews

I was pleased to recieve 2 reviews one from a getman guest and another from a spanish guest both giving me 10 for everything
These reviews have disappeared from
my reviews and are not there to increase my score
I.asked and they said they had been takeni off and i would get a reason why from them soon
This is annoying me as they are happy to leave lower anonymous reviews on
Both these reviews were completely authentic and genuine

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Leandri Klopper

Hey David!

Thanks for posting and congrats on your high reviews!

Sadly with reviews and, there is not much that you can do. Their contract protects them, they can basically make the final decisions and we must accept it. It's been debated, it's been pleaded, it's been turned inside out so many times that it's barely recognizable on this forum. Just search Reviews on the forum and you will see.

Hopefully soon, there will be some results stemming from all the commotion.

1 year ago

Oh yes, I've also had a couple of 10s removed but never did get an explanation despite chasing up many times. Just completely ignored.

11 months ago