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worst, rude and very slow customer service from Philippines for partners

I sent a request via extranet for modification of guest reservation as their plans was change from 11 days to 3 days. More than 24 hours no update and I am stuck with a room close and my guest reservation is getting closer to check out date and I cannot get the room booked as it is block, so I mark it as no show to make the room available already. Then an agent called after 2 hours from my cancellation. First call, no answer. Second call, she answered slow and then she was also talking to someone else, a colleague or something while I was on line with her, so I naturally hang up as it was very rude. Then she called again, asking why I mark it as a no show and when I explained that it's been more than 24 hours and I am at the losing end not knowing when they will take actions, she just  told me rudely  that it's not even end of their modification requested. I got offended and ask for supervisor and she refuse, four times and when I ask her for her name again, she was very rude about giving it so I finally give up. First of all, it should not take 24 hours for this kind of issue, as this is crucial to our business as partners. regardless of what happens, booking is getting paid but not us when are rooms are left vacant because of booking mishaps. Second, as this is a business to business service, should not hire this kind of customer service people. Your employees that deals with the business owner and property management should be more knowledgeable, works faster and customer oriented.  This is very disappointing. Airbnb and Expedia are never like this to their partners.  

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Thuild - Your …

Dear ...,

I feel your frustration with this.

Sometimes I feel that customer support staff have zero training and should never be working in such positions. Most of the time I have complex issues to raise, these require a good understanding of English and technical background into their systems., which they clearly don't have.

So yeah, you might have a worse support in SEA than in Europe, but never give up.

You can just simply call the guest, tell them to book directly and cancel the reservation through BDC if they are reluctant to assist with this matter.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

11 months ago

Well, the short answer "coz you are in Philippines" :) Long answer: keep all your communications only through Booking messages with Help. That way they will never escape to provide their names and everything is on the record. And use other platforms too. When your listing is blocked for no reason on Booking, it will be opened on another platform. In the end of the day we all want not stressed host!

10 months ago

Oh, and another trick is to add "number of rooms to sell". Go to your calendar and adjust rooms to sell. Do it only when experiencing big problem and when you know for sure, that your client will not show up. Open additional number of rooms, only when its really needed to avoid overbooking.

10 months ago
Eugenia Ruabur…

That is tricky . I am not sure whether that is advisable. I refer to your previous comment "there should not be no empty beds" It should read to avoid empty rooms to sell I adjust my pricing system.

I noticed that giving a fresh ground coffee beans to my guests are very much appreciated. It cost a bit more but a smile & gratitude is priceless in the world of self catering accommodation.

10 months ago

Thank you for your comments. I thought I am only one, who is experiencing the same problems.

1)We contact them via the extranet but they often reply by email - I would like everything done via the extranet as we all have a copy of what was said and we can all follow the conversation trail.

And what they do... They just do not answer your emails. After they started a conversation.

2) There should be (at most) just 2 customer service people who deal with any single issue - on some conversations I think I've had 10+ get involved and they have no understanding of the problem.

Maximum is 2! And we have 10. And... It takes forever... 3(!)months for a small problem. And we pay for it.

3) Some of us have Account Managers - SACK THEM - you can never contact them, they cannot deal with most issues and they never proactively contact us to see how, where or if the relationship can be improved (but then, they have zero authority to change anything anyway).


4) Customer Service Staff need training and must be prepared to accept (or at least listen to) what a property is telling them. They need to ask questions on behalf of a property and challenge their superiors to ensure things Bcom want them to say are actually correct.

Every property is unique. No one knows better than the owner. Customer Service Staff doesn't know anything about our business and doesn't want to learn. They act like robots. And their answers are just templates. And we pay enough money, don't you think so?

10 months ago