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Wrong property location

Dear Booking, 4434973


I am having issues with my listing, as the location of my property seems to be way off the actual location. I am, and I will be having trouble explaining my guests that my property is not 650m from the city center, as it states on my listing, but it is 5.5km from the center of Kolasin. Please help me update this error as soon as possible. 


Lazar Knezic

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M Adamopoulou

Hi! Laki93bar and welcome to the forum. I had similar problem. You have to find your coordinates from google maps and send them to through your extranet inbox. Then they can move the pin to the right location.
Be patient and it will get fixed. Good luck....

7 months ago

Thanks I have the same problem and will follow your instructions. Cheers John

6 months ago