Booking about waiving non-refundable fee

Hi everyone!

I have just received the request to waive fees on non-refundable reservation, guest noted “personal reason” and that is it. 

Looking for more info about this (I don’t feel like waiving), I found this, in Booking.com explanations for partners, WAIT FOR IT:

>>>>Even though we always explain the booking conditions to guests, waiving fees is a friendly gesture that *may help prevent complaints*<<<<

Excuse me?

To prevent complaints? What kind of complaints?

Guest had a lot of options.

Guest chose non-refundable price, which stack with Mobile discount and with the Genius discount. Nd now asking me wave fee for their “personal reason”.

And now Booking is talking about friendly gesture? about avoiding complaints?

Am I the only one sensing a threat here?

Are we supposed to give our spaces for free? What else?!


Can someone help me to understand this other than threat - avoiding complains, and than to charge me a commission.