Breaking of house rules.


we currently have a booking in residence , the clients have informed us they are immigrants awaiting processing after we raised a few check in issues with extra guests .

first of all they booked  and paid for the 3 person rate but  brought an extra person , they stated we needed to be kind and not charge anymore as they were poor and we needed to help .

now we are a rural property with stables and a high fire risk .

we do not allow access onto the stable yard for safety but we caught 2 around the horses Smoking and cigarette butts next to the hay storage .

we are a strictly no smoking premises inside and out and are clearly signed and all guests are also told Verbally as well as being given a guide on arrival , guest have a 1/4 acre garden so this is sufficient and there is no need to wander onto the stable yard at night .

My question is how are we protected in the future with this type of scenario should booking.com have extra steps to verify people as this could become an issue in the future with our premises at risk, this has been a horrible situation with them claiming they don’t understand only one person communicates hence why the  house rules are being broken due to claims of a language barrier .