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Can I reject/cancel a reservation?

Hi everyone! 

It’s helpful to know that when a guest books your property on our platform, their reservation is confirmed immediately – there’s no way to reject a reservation. 

However, depending on your policies, a guest might be able to cancel their reservation. And in some cases, you can initiate a cancellation request if a guest asks you to or if there are payment issues. For more information on reservations, take a look at this article

When have you had to reject or cancel a reservation? Share your experience with other partners in the comments section below! 

Graeme Hardiman 2 days ago

Over the past years we have had a booking at least three times placed 12 months ahead by this person. Each time after spending the time to reply and welcome the guest with our opening invitation the guest, within 2 months cancels. This is becoming time consuming, and we would prefer for Booking.Com to block this persons request. Their booking number is 4202661531