Damages & Reviews

My first guests at a Penthouse apartment have just checked out and when they checked out they left the keys and sent me a text saying they had a wonderful stay and that the electric window shutter was making a weard noise.

When I arrived the apartment I saw the electric shutter had been forced and completely broken.

It cost me 120€ to fix.

In the meantime the guests have still not posted a review as they are smart enough to understand I will charge them for the damage and will then use the review as a revenge for something that they broke.

Of course it will be my very first review and I don't want to receive a BAD review for requesting money for something they broke.

What should I do or what can I do about this?


If I request the damage payment they will almost definitely write a very unfair bad review....

Abbey Lodge 1 year ago

That is part of this business, you need to keep on top of all the repairs and ensure things work as they should.


Nuno Lopes 1 year ago

Thanks for your response. Think you didn’t understand my concern.

The guests damaged the shutter that was working perfectly and brand new.


I have now repaired the damage but want to charge the guest for the damage but don’t want them to post a negative review because we are charging them for something they damaged.

No one has the write to damage a property and then as a revenge write a negative review.

Nuno Lopes 1 year ago

That would be a false review.😞

Zoo 10 months ago

Usually no chance to receive money I think if you didnt charge a deposit. Guests write bad reviews anyway if they want. Thats it. Even if they write the walls and house are painted completely in black and you send a proof to booking that its not ... booking.com doesnt care and will leave the review and tell you that you can comment the review.