We are tired of this Booking.com. You're suppose to protect your platform and protect your customers from disturbing, dishonest and malicious people. We have had over 4 FAKE BOOKINGS for the last couple of months with a couple more bookings you made for the next few months  and this has to stop... IMMEDIATELY!! We spending a lot of time on blocking our personal calendars, other booking sites we use and on our website. Hours to do all the changes. Then we prepare our cottages and garden for arrival and no one show. The is costly!! We put out a lovely fruit basket and that goes to waste. WHO IS REIMBURSING US!

 Not forgetting it causing us not to take other bookings as we have block those dates according to your calender and that is a bloody hell lot of financial lost and time. Then you're sending us an invoice that we owes you money....what the FU..K!!! Then you have the audacity to send us a survey on your performance.  PLEASE HOST. LETS GET A PETITION GOING TO MAKE THEM DO BETTER AND GET SOME RESOLUTION TO ALL THE ISSUES ESPECIALLY THIS FAKE BOOKING MATTER. Thank you. From beautiful Caribbean with LOVE 💝

Jelena Koprivica 1 year ago

This is exactly what me and a few of my fellow neighbors are going through. We feel it is a malicious neighbor or competitor from the area who is often using the same info to book all of our apartments!! Most recently he/she didn’t even bother creating believable account but just typed random letters on a keyboard! Maddening how much time it takes to repot and straighten this out. There should be a button “report suspicious account” if they cannot screen properly!!!