Fake bookings mainly from India and Pakistan

Hi all   i am being plagued with fake bookings mainly from these 2 countries, I now send a message requesting confirmation that they have a valid visa to enter New Zealand within 24 hours (where I am located) I give an extra couple of days then I send another message saying that they have failed to respond and that the room has been reallocated. I then open the room for another booking however I have to ensure that I put them as a no show the day after the expected arrival. I have contacted B.C but I didn’t get any help. Last month these fake bookings amounted to over $6500.00 I am a small b&b -4 rooms. Also there is a problem with the website that is causing double ups on the number of rooms I have available. I am really Very frustrated about this and I am not alone I have another accommodation provider here in Auckland who has the exact same problems. 


Zoo 10 months ago

Set higher cancellation policies, a non refundable booking rate and use the payment by booking.com option. Maybe this helps. I know people who had the same problem and they switched to payment by booking.com what eliminated their problem.

Chris 9 months ago

We're getting quite a few day too. Mark their cards as invalid, they have 24 hours to update then you can cancel. Don't bother sending messages and wasting your time if booking dot com are'nt prepared to help us out. I've even had some come through where booking dot com say they have already marked the cards as invalid because it didnt pass their "validation" - my question to booking dot com is, Why do you let them book then? They want you to go to pre-payment purely because they're making money from their VCC's.

David 6 months ago

Fake reservations are not the only problem.
Nearly 95% of Indians always want early check-in, late check-out.
Also, the kitchen they stayed in is really badly littered.
Each board or towel has yellow foreign substances that are hard to wipe, and the amenities are taken froma tray.
Please don't head to our motel.

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IFTIKHAR KHAN 4 months ago

No Solution so-far. I get most fake from Afghanistan So Simple solution is to open the proprty for another booking as this one is sure to be a no-show