Fraudulent booking via booking partners

I’ve had a number of fraudulent booking done via booking partners that’s always blocking my calendar. The booker usually use same phone number that’s not valid or reachable, different name and address. I’ve reported this to BDC and there seems not to be any solution.

Tania & Johnny 1 year ago

Hello, Odemwingie, we are having the same problems (detailed in another thread called "FAKE / FRAUDULENT BOOKINGS", and also by other partners in similar threads) but like you, also getting no help from the support team.  They need to be taking this problem seriously, because if we don't earn money, they don't earn commission. 

We are working round the problem by manually making rooms available: this means potenbtiual double-bookings, but we are 100% sure these fake reservations will never show up.  We just have to remember to record the fake bookings as 'no show' a day after their arrival date.

I hope one of the BDC moderators will pick this issue up and escalate it with their managers, because we are getting nothing from the support team.