Guest blackmails host for full refund - Written proof provided - UPDATE Took nearly 2 months to be removed by B.com

Dear Hub, 

I am very upset how B.com are so slow to deal with removing reviews that are being used to Blackmail a host. I have been with B.com with my 2 businesses for over 10 years and have average of 9 out 10 normally on guests reviews. Est 2018.


Surely when I have complied with B.com T&CS and provided the written proof of Blackmail. Why are there not standards and timescales that B.com should be be working to? If B.com cannot cope with work load to review them. Then the review should be temporarily hidden until the review team has chance to make a decision. That would be fair on all parties. I am suffering for 2 weeks now. Something needs to change at B.com or host will be held to ransom and review system will be a joke as host just pay off guests.


The case: Ref: 2738102 

I am on purpose not providing sensitive guest information

I can send or post more info & proof if required, but do not want this post deleted.


The guests stayed 10-12th Nov. On 12th Guest told me about an issue that had caused them not to be able to use bathroom for last hour of 2 night stay. They demanded on phone a full refund or would give a bad review...


I had asked B.com to deal and decide what was fair comp to give 15% refund. on the 12th Nov 


12th Nov Guest didn't get what they demanded and gave a 1 out of 10 review. The guests weren't happy that I didn't comply to their blackmail and did a revenge review 1 out 10 when my norm/previous guests give 8, 9 or 10.

I understand your B.com first decision at first the blackmail was just verbal, but on the 20th Nov I also provided written proof from the guest that they were/are blackmailing me for a full refund. The issue could have been caused by the guests themselves as not had this before. 


I would really appreciate you looking at my request with the written evidence that in in line with your terms for removal. The review needs removing urgently unless B.com guests can sell their reviews and hosts can buy them? 


I have rung the B.com advisors most days since the incident  to check progress for the review to be removed and explain time after time. 



 Yesterday 27th Nov...  another 7 days later I am told...


Dear partner,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your guest reviews.

We would like to apologize for any possible inconvenience this situation may have caused.

Following your inquiry, we verified and noticed case was re-escalated to the relevant department and still under process. Once completed, they will get back to you. This delay is due to the backlog this department is experiencing at the moment. We kindly ask you to be patient.


Today 28th NOV its still not sorted - 8 days on from providing written proof of blackmail - it is the revenge review its still there affecting my business and the guest contacts me nearly every day asking for money.


Dear Partner,

Thank you for contacting us regarding a review that a customer left on your property page.

Further our discussion this morning, again we do apologize for this situation and the frustration this bad review is causing you.

We have contacted our colleague who has submitted the new request for you on the 20th of November 2023 and we got the answer that due to a high volume of requests at the moment, there is a little delay.

Of course we'll update you as soon as we have an answer from the reviews team.

We can only remove reviews in certain cases. You can find more information about the removal of reviews here:

Can I ask for a review to be removed?

If you have any questions, we are here for you.



This is affecting my business and we deserve to be heard and helped in a reasonable time frame and this is not what is happening at B.com. Please help and get the revenge/blackmail review looked at and removed today. 


stay.satori.org.uk 3 months ago

Its now the 9th day from providing written proof that the guests is continuing to blackmailing me to remove a review. If I now give a full refund they will remove the review. If I had given a full refund straight away they wouldn't post an 1 out of 10 review. This is BLACKMAIL and guests are thinking the can get Free stays if they play the Review system.


While B.com looks into it and moderates this is negatively effecting my small business. The review should be hidden until the process is completed as the Blackmailers are winning while B.com takes too long to remove a blackmailing guest review. This is poor service from a partner who takes 15% to look after us. 9days is too long and there is no indication of when they will get chance to look at my case. Thanks!

stay.satori.org.uk 2 months ago

15 days after written proof of Guest Blackmail and B.com still have not removed the review.

This is not the way to treat your business partner. At least have the decency to hide the review while it is being challenged/looked into.


No response from anyone from B.com in the Hub to help me with my issue.

I would be embarrassed if I worked for B.com that not dealing with Issues in a timely manner and letting small businesses/hosts suffer. No idea of when B.com will get round to dealing with it.

There should be a service level that B.com honour, that we all know we can expect.

I have been advised on the phone that 5 days is the normal...I'm at 15days and no end or help  in sight from B.com


If I don't get a response today I will post my evidence so that everyone on here can see what the Blackmailer guest has said to me in written evidence. Perhaps then it will be understood why I feel so let down and do not understand why it could take so long to follow B.com guidelines of removing Blackmailer reviews. 

stay.satori.org.uk 2 months ago

Day 21 and Blackmailer review still not removed. This is very poor service from our Business partner who is meant to look after the hosts too

stay.satori.org.uk 2 months ago

Thanks hub I have been aware of what constitutes grounds to get a a Guest review removed.

I have known this for nearly a month and 21 days ago I provided that written evidence and nothing is done to take it down temp or permanently.

B.com are not providing a reason service and  following your T&C.

IE We believe the guest is using the review to blackmail you – we need written evidence to remove a review for this reason.


A guest review is the personal opinion of a guest who has experienced the property. To make the best use of reviews, you must understand how the review process works, who can leave a review and in which cases you can ask for a review to be removed.

What’s in this article:

  1. Conditions for the removal of a guest review
  2. Requesting the removal of a guest review

Conditions for the removal of a guest review

To guarantee the relevance and impartiality of guest reviews, we follow strict guidelines aiming to protect our guests and partners from reviews that aren’t based on the experience of real customers, or content that isn’t related to the topic or experience of travelling. You can find our complete content guidelines here.

Here are the conditions to ask for the removal of a guest review:

  • The guest cancelled their reservation and confirmed that they didn’t arrive at the property.
  • You cancelled the reservation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled check-in.
  • The reservation is marked as a no-show and the review doesn’t detail the guest’s experience.
  • You cancelled the booking on the planned day of check-in because of an invalid credit card.
  • We determine that the guest reviewed the wrong property.
  • We believe the guest is using the review to blackmail you – we need written evidence to remove a review for this reason.

Keep in mind that:

  • If a guest arrives at your property but isn’t satisfied and ends up not staying, they’ll be able to leave a review. 
  • If a guest cancelled the reservation before the check-in date or didn’t show up at your property because you couldn’t accept one of their requests, you can ask us to investigate the case. If we conclude that the guest was informed prior to check-in or via fine print that the benefit is subject to availability, we can remove the review, depending on context.
  • If you cancel a reservation less than 24 hours before check-in due to an overbooking, the guest will be allowed to leave a review.
  • If a guest has confirmed their stay, we’ll keep their review online.
stay.satori.org.uk 1 month ago

OMG nearly 2 months after being Blackmailed...the 1 star review posted it has been removed:) YAY! 12th Nov they posted 1 star review but they only verbally threatened blackmail and B.com won't accept that for removal. So I had to get blackmailing guest to confirm in writing that if I gave them full refund for 2 night stay they would remove the review. They did this on WhatsApp. 20th Nov I provided the evidence to B.com.  I have been chasing ever since but there was not way of knowing when it would be looked at as separate department. After a month the B.com Advisor did escalate and get manager to contact that department to ask for it to me looked at urgently. 29th December 1 star review was still displayed. I had just about given up, but  have just looked today 5th Jan and it has been removed. I am now back to being 9 out 10 average:) Its been emotional! I understand that B.com need to check if it is warranted to remove the guest review or not. If B.com do not have enough staff to look at such things in a reasonable time...then they should a) get more staff and b) temp hide the review that is being disputed until B.com get chance to review the evidence. I would ring once or twice a week to chase and when you ring you have to review the person you spoke to put a note on there about the problem too. Its personal for us but try not to get too upset as it is wasted energy - it made me ill dealing with it. With have written evidence then I can confirm there is hope and that it will just take time (too long)  but the review will be taken down eventually:) I got no help from B.com Hub. Make sure you speak to B.com reservations team and get the guests marked for MISCONDUCT as they will need to do it as you won't be able to so long after their stay as this may help your case and other hosts. Happy 2024!!