Guest misconduct

Had a guest last week who booked last minute

During her stay she plastered glue over the walls, Television and satelite box and broke the blinds. the glue she used has made it necessary to sand and repaint the main room of the annexe as is has soaked in tot the water based paint and discoloured it. Cost of repainting and touch ups to other rooms is £250.00 (Excluding TV)

Obviously this lady has a nut or two loose!

I reported her to booking.com for guest misconduct but she  rejected the complaint and booking.com appear to be pretty much useless in this scenario.

I now will not accept same day instant bookings.

My questions are:

Why would guests ever pay for damage if Booking.com dont require it, she just denies it despite evidence ?

Why arent reports of previous misconduct shared / made available to hosts? On AirBnB we are given the option of blocking any guests with a record of misconduct, this is really needed from my perspective as the above case  highlights

Rodger MacKenz… 1 year ago

Unfortunately, booking.com is absolutely awful at supporting hosts when it comes to guest misconduct. Sorry to hear about what happened Jonathon