guest pay in hotel ... virtual credit card

I have already received the second booking this month in which it first says that the guest pays in the accommodation. But then a virtual credit card is given as payment. 
Unfortunately, I am not able to find a way to contact booking. Therefore I try it here. 
Is this intentional or a mistake by booking or did the guest write the text himself, so that I think the booking is paid. 
Thank you very much if someone has a solution or knows how I can pass on the error to booking. 

Heinrich Schulze Höing

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Mariia Erbes 1 year ago

Hi Heinrich mail.hotel-gut-hoeing.de!

During the booking guest may choose one of 3 options: pay at once online, pay online later or pay at property.

So in this case if you see in Reservation that guest paid online and VCC appeared - it is true and you can charge this VCC when non-refundable period comes. 

If you want to contact us and get more info about certain reservation you can find phone number for local support here: Inbox - Booking.com Messages - See contact options - Account - Other - See more contact options. And there will be an icon with phone under which you will find the contact number.

Hope this will help! Best wishes


mail.hotel-gut… 1 year ago

Dear Ms. Erbes, 


thanks for your fast help. 

thats what i want to know. :)