Guest Reviews

My property scores 8.1 from 48 reviews. I have recently had a review of 1.0 and everyone who knows the cottage can't understand it. Their headline was "Disappointing and dirty, do not stay here". For example the score for bed comfort is 8.9 as we have expensive matresses. The guest concerned found them so uncomfortable and they could not get any sleep. It averages 8.3 for cleanliness. They claimed there was food in the fridge when they arrived which the cleaners absolutely deny. I spoke to the guests concerned when they arrived as they struggled to open the bathroom window and everything sounded fine. I also spoke to the guests who followed them in and they said the cottage was OK. They say they checked into a hotel after one night but did not contact me or ask for any recompense. None of this stacks up, I am suspicious, think there are malicious motives, and would like it removed.

The help section tells me to go to extranet inbox and select "reviews" but that option does not appear

Kerryn Groves 1 year ago

I’m no expert as this is our first year hosting, but I think as hosts, we have no back up when this happens. Booking.com always favour the guest. 

We had this situation when they left our place in a terrible state, we complained to Booking.com about them, they were able to see everything we had said about them & then they left a very low score review, that was nothing but lies (as our place is spotless when they arrive). 
They didn’t leave a written review, therefore we had no right to reply or explain that review to other potential bookers. 
When we complained to Booking.com about this, they weren’t interested and said that reviews are “subjective” and that guests have the right to leave a subjective review! 
They had seen the complaints we had made about them, sent photos as proof and told Booking.com the review was in response to the guests being able to read everything we’d complained about them to Booking.com. It was so obvious it was a false review, as we had complained about them, but Booking.com didn’t care & would not remove it or give us a right to reply. 

Sadly, the guests have all the power & hosts have very little. I’m sorry this has happened to you, as it’s obviously them trying to get money back!