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Guests Arrive with baby in a 'No children allowed' Apartment

I am retired and rent out my own residence in Nice, France when not living there myself.   A Male guest booked as 'here on work' but booked for 2 people.  This is my maximum.  He arrived with his wife and baby.   I was very taken aback as our super chic apartment is not in any way suitable for children/babies.   I must have looked  shocked when I explained that my listing says 'Adults Only', No children allowed.  He said he had not read anything when he booked and seemed not concerned in the least.  This does not surprise me as he actively ignored every message I sent and just turned up mid afternoon.   The Baby is going to sleep in our bed, nappies will have to be changed on our sofa and there is little room for a buggy which is going to be pushed around our vintage furniture.   I have messaged through Intranet but their reply shows they fail to understand what I am saying and keep referring to damage claims.

What can I do?    I am to fret for the next 6 days it seems.


Thanks for any advice,