Inconsistent data in the booking app and Incomplete addresses allowed even when I specify otherwise in policies

I am getting very concerned at the reliability of Booking.com's online booking systems. We have had several instances where the booking summary page shows a booking as made and is valid, only to discover when I click on the booking, it has been cancelled, sometime quite some time ago. We have had several "double booking" issues like this and it causes our staff great distress. We have to double check everything booking.com sends us now.  This is clearly a bug in this mission critical system.

The second issue is guests are able to add any old text to an address field in order to book - even though we have specified an address in the policy field. Why does booking.com not have a proper address validation web service underpinning this data entry? The claims about vetting guests appear to be less than genuine and leave us to demand an address from a booker under threat of cancelling the booking. We just cannot take the risk.