Issues with booking.com messaging


Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with messages on this platform towards the guests? On a daily basis I struggle with my guests not reading messages about their reservation, they do not communicate and when I call them and tell them they tell me that they can not find messages. 

I made a testing reservation and booked my property and discovered that if I do not have a booking.com app I am not getting any notification about new messages whatsoever. 

Me as a host getting all the notifications via e-mail and alerts when there are some unread messages. But this is not the case for the guests. So they end up staying in front of the building and not knowing what to do for check-in and calling me to come for them. But there is no-contact self service checking as I am an apartment not a hotel accommodation and they have all the instructions in the message step by step. 

It is pretty frustrating to have to tell the same information over and over to clients coming to my apartment. I have already made some adjustments so that I always send an e-mail from mine e-mail box to given e-mail and I noticed that this goes to the guest e-mail box (messages send via booking.com admin are not). Also I put an information on the front door that they have all instructions in the booking.com messages and asked them to go there. But they are still calling me saying that they do not have the message, they can not see the message... 


I have been cooperating with Airbnb for like 15 years and there was ZERO issue with this. With booking.com is every other reservation. 


I am trying to set up everything to accommodate my guests but I feels like this makes my guest frustrated. 


Any suggestions? 



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John 20 days ago

It's a common issue.  Our workaround, if we don't get a response two days before check in, is to use WhatsApp, which in Spain is pretty common.  We then resend check in information and I'd say at least 95% of the time we get a response.  If we don't, send an SMS.


Airbnb are light years ahead in respect of messaging.

Jane's Attic A… 20 days ago

WhatsApp could be solution but then it is all manual work. I need to take the number, open WhatsApp, copy the text... I have an automatic messages for a good reason! Took time to set everything up so I do not need to sit by PC all day and just copy and paste messages to WhatsApp or SMS. That is super annoying. The problem is that booking.com takes a lot od commission for me to do work for them. 


So frustrating :D 


Yes Airbnb are much better in this. 

My Toul'House 19 days ago

I have the same problem but only for a flat. It seems that the booking.com platform has a problem, doesn't it?

Jane's Attic A… 19 days ago

Yes it’s problem on their platform I would say. It would be nice if they would give us some space for feedback. I think more host would be reporting this issue. Every time I do tell them they keep telling me that emails are sent on guests. But apparently there must be some issue when guests do not communicate back. 

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Just for Sleep 14 days ago

We faced the same issue and it is unacceptable. The guest did not receive the message through the platform, which is a major flaw on Booking.com's part. Booking.com must have better ways to educate guests about the importance of communicating with the host through the platform. Booking.com must take responsibility for educating guests on how to use the message centre and the significance of logging in to the app to communicate with the host. The host's check-in procedure and other information are rendered useless without proper communication. Airbnb sets a standard by verifying the guest's phone number and sending a link to the guest on how to contact the host with each message the host sends to the guest. The Booking.com customer service team and the technician need to improve their services significantly.

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Fluff (new account) 13 days ago

Unfortunately, when a guest books they are then bombarded with loads of emails from BDC. Amongst all those is the message you sent, either missed by the guest or gone to their "Junk" folder.

For us, at least, it's working fine as I've had multiple exchanges with guests recently, messages are there if the guest is willing to find them.

Our automatic messages usually get no reply (to questions like time of arrival, transfer service etc. or we are asked questions about what we have already sent.


Basically, it's very hard to draw the line between messages not reaching the guests email boxes or the guest simply not seeing/ignoring them.

Jane's Attic A… 12 days ago

Yes you are right - there is surely some % of clients who just simply ignoring messages. But I have comparison with Airbnb platform and there is minimum clients who not answer my messages. And there, at least, I can see that the message was read. There is information about that. So I know that the client saw the message and just did not reply. 


I made a testing reservation multiple times on Booking.com so I can see what my clients are experiencing and automatic messages never go to email, same with messages send via admin chat. The only message which goes to the clients email is email send via provided email address. 


And they do answer to that usually. So I manually sending then email asking them to go and read the other messages (automatic ones).