Ive made a complaint about a guest

Ive made a complaint about a guest who left my lodge in a terrible state, all photos submitted to booking but I'm not sure how long it takes, vomit in loo, on wall, broken bed leg, food left encrusted on side, drink residue on sides and drips down cupboards, crips and chips on floor, dirty sanitary towel left on bathroom floor, broken glass on kitchen floor, broken glass under one of the beds, full glass under one of the beds, bits everywhere blood on bathroom floor and dirty plasters left, she also took my remote control for my tv and a wee box of ceramic coasters god knows why they never used the coasters they had.

She had left amongst the rubbish, AirPods which were her daughters, she is now asking for them back - I dont have her address only an area, and I quite frankly want nothing to do with her, I suggested she could pick them up from the site reception but she lives a couple of hours away. I have blocked her on my sites and on stopped her from ever booking again, but its so awful I'm not sure if I will rent again next year, my other guests have been fine but this makes you worry about everyone after. 

What should I do about the air pods? And anything left by guests? I do send an email and a text to remind them to check they have everything before they lock up on the morning of departure.