Misclicked reservation canceling

Misclicked reservation canceling I did not wanted, how can I fix this?

And I am interested. What will happened if guest will not accept reservation canceling. It says that reservation remains valid until you receive a notification that the guest has agreed, but if he's not answering, what can I do?

Thanks for you attention.

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Vladislav Sokolov 1 year ago

Hello Giorgi!
If I understood you right – you don't want to cancel the reservation.
If the guest will not respond – the reservation remains valid and you have nothing to worry about.
I would write an e-mail the the guest saying something like «Sorry, I've misclicked. Your reservation is valid and we are waiting for you!»

Giorgi Kapanadze 1 year ago

What can I do in double booking situation if guest is not canceling the reservation. I messaged him four days after the reservation. He reserved five months in advance.