My last review was totally unacceptable my carpets are not grubby, the room is deluxe because booking.com say it is because its a big bed, they arrived early and we let them have their room but it had just been cleaned and all the windows were open due to

My last review was totally false information and will be detrimental to my busines please have it removed these people were extremely vulnerable and we did everything we could to help them

Sunnyside House 1 year ago

As i have written above i would like this review removed as the couple were extremely vulnerable and this review will be detrimental to my business

Guido Kück 3 months ago

Dear other hosts


We had the same issue. Guest never showed up, never experienced our property but left a "1" rating.


Like you, we and many other have the same issues with BDC and we are very unhappy with the rating system offerered by BDC.


Since we are collecting the many compliants that does exist with regard to the rating system and reviews, I suggest to post your problem under the following link.




Together perhaps we can change something.I had the luck that my issue about a bad review was solved by deleting it only because of involving the upper management. With all this complaint will try to.escalate again to find a solution for the whole community.


Thanks a lot for your support.