Our payout statement from 06.10.2022 22.

We are waiting for payment pr: 06.10. 2022.

Our accommodation No: 8110587 and 5111142, Einarsstadir and Björkin.

Usually, we get paid on Fridays or om Mondays.

The reference number are: 3666070941, 3637965092, 3229331121, 2143617758, 3988603396.


Please give us a reason about this.



Árni Geirhjörtur Jónsson


Janis berzins 1 year ago

I can say exact same issue payments come always friday or monday if there was holiday it could be tuesday

But even yesterday not come. 

If they sent thursday then sepa takes 1 day or max 2 days if it was sent late thursday

I checked there are no holidays in netherlands or my country

My one friend have same exact issue

I agree that booking say it can take up to 10 days after checkout etc but simply its not normal so long time . its big amount and i need to make my payments also . 


anyone did receive 6 october payout? 

latest was one time tuesday when were no holidays and my friend had one time wednseday 

booking say it depends from bank but I receive payment which was sent 7 october in 10 october also sepa payment from EU country . So payment which was made day later already arrived so it not depends from bank there is no uncleared funds etc.