Rate Plans - unauthorised changes not actioned by property

Good day

We offer one rate plan at our property. It is called "Bed & Breakfast" and as the name suggests, the only meal included in the room rate is breakfast.

In the last 13 hours we received 2 new bookings and the guests wanted to discuss dinner serving time. When we informed them that breakfast is the only meal included in their room rate, they advised that Booking.com indicated the inclusion of 3 meals.

Upon checking their booking, we saw that the description indeed showed the inclusion of 3 meals and upon further investigation we saw that the "Bed & Breakfast Plan" now suddenly showed 3 meals included:

We, as the property, most definitely did not change our rate plan on Booking.com.

Why would we suddenly tick the lunch and dinner boxes if we full well know that we do not offer them included in the room rate.

Has anyone else experienced this before?


Kind regards