Booking.com said no "Anonymous" reviews will be aloud.  Currently I again received Anonymous reviews

Also  its only people that don't comply to our rules and regulations that leave super bad reviews.  for Example They book a room  2 adults  but came in with 3 children  7,12, 15  when I said they have to book and pay for the children they blame Booking.com  for not  give them the option -  they did pay and book a second room but leave a very bad review.  Booking.com don't listen to us  feel nothing for us the supplier  we are always on the short end. 

It doesn't help to complain you just get the automated emails. The one guest book for one but they where 4 in the room when we put them out they became violent so much so that we have to call police  the review  super bad and booking.com just feel zits.   We live in Africa  and the people working at booking.com don't have an idee what we dealing with.   

My feeling  around booking.com and the help we receive is very low  keep in mind what we pay for commission every month -  they really need to look after their income  23% commission (my choice)  is a lot  in this daring times  we definitely  deserve super support.

From our side we provide the best service to our guest, and walk the extra mile, for each and everyone  day and night.  We are friendly and help with transport, activity bookings, medical bookings and after care,  each and everyone in our place are always available.