Reviews no shows bad ratings scoring


if you have bad experiences with the scoring, no shows, bad reviews and lack of support from booking.com ("We are her for you"). You can leave or do the following for example:

What can you do (to protect your property and receive more bookings without booking.com)?

Rent out on Airbnb, Vrbo (Expedia) or integrate with a Google vacation rental partner to receive more bookings without booking.com.

On Airbnb you can turn off the instant bookings and check the guest withing 24 hours before accepting him.

Same on Vrbo you can check the guest 24 hours before accepting him. Vrbo is part of the Expedia group: "Distribution to Expedia Group sites, which receive 675 million visits from travelers every month."

You can become a Google Vacation rental partner with filling out a simple form:


If you cant become a partner with this form you can integrate and work with a Google partner:


Build your own website with Wordpress and install a plugin with a contact formular and reservation calendar. Its easy, not expensive and you have a lot of free plugins for wordpress you can use.

In summary this can bring you a lot more freedom and peace. :)