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Start preparing for Traveller Review Awards 2024

Hi everyone!

This year’s edition of the Traveller Review Awards has ended. But no worries! It’s never too late to start preparing for the 2024 edition. Start getting ready by reading a more detailed explanation here of what Guest Review Scores are, as well as how to improve them.

We can’t wait to see your dedication and hard work pay off even more next year, when you’ll read even more customer reviews like this recent one on our platform: 

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How are you planning on showcasing your incredible hospitality for your guests in this new year? Share your ideas below!

PS If your guests would like to know more about the awards and what makes your property special, you can always refer them to our customer-facing 2023 Traveller Review Awards page:


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Didem - Commun… 11 months ago

Hi everyone,


@M Adamopoulou shared some ideas:


"1. Even when breakfast is not provided, good coffee should be available and free.

2. Never forget to smile and treat your guests with kindness - smiling can become a point of reference.

3. Welcome your guests in person. Meet and greet. A wine, a local sweet, can make the difference.

4. Be the first one to send a thank you message for a perfect stay. In return, a good review will get back to you.

5. Be always available and be there to say goodbye."


Do any other partners have ideas to share? I'm looking forward to hearing from more of you!

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Sapnu Maja 11 months ago

Hello to everyone!

My tips:

1.Try  always treat guests as special VIP guests. 

2. Be always available to answer on their  questions as fast as you can and help with tips and advices about your city  and apartment.

3. For long term  guests- time by time remind them about your existence asking them  for example "all is fine?" etc., or offer them apartment cleaning or  linen and towels change. Some guests feel shy a bit to ask it in straight way.

4.Before guests arrived- ask them about their special needs.

5. always be grateful to them coz they choose your apartment but not next door apartment :P

This is few of my tips...other will keep in secret :P And how about your ideas and tips?