Incorrect Data Management - Booking.com

I have been trying for nearly two months to resolve incorrect guest scores been shown on other websites that Booking.com are suppose to send data updates eg Trivago and Google also they fail to send up to date and accurate guest rating data to their affiliated partners eg “ready to trip” 

The data management is apparently the responsibility of “Strategic Partnerships” oh whom their customer services, supervisors, team leaders and Senior Customer Partner Services are not allowed to contact directly eg phone to resolve the issue nor are they allowed to escalate 

So after nearly two months of numerous calls, extranet messages (many inconsistencies in their responses) and I also managed to email their responsible Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer (Arjan) as well as Senior Customer Service Global Operations but as yet no response to my recent emails. Although I also emailed Glenn Fogel which got an initial phone call from Senior Customer Service Global Operations (Hala) who was very engaging and trying to help but has since gone all quiet - I know these are busy people but managing correct data should be a fundamental and not cause so much problems and time.

It appears that “Strategic Partnerships”, department are firmly cocooned within boooking..com leaving many of their customer facing colleagues helpless and powerless, real shame as most want to resolve the data issues of Booking.com responsibility to properly manage (accurate, relevant & up to date data) with third parties such as Trivago, Google and Tripadvisor and arrangements for their affiliated companies 

I did make a formal complaint under “the accommodation agreement”, but sadly I got no response, not sure why as it was several weeks ago. 

All I want is for my correct guest scores that are correctly shown on booking.com to be properly data managed with their third parties as per “the accommodation agreement”

Any helpful suggestions are most welcomed as I am keen to remain working in partnership with booking.com and fully fulfil my role as a responsible and engaging partner 

Also does anybody have the direct  phone number of booking.com HQ in Amsterdam?