3 properties in the same listing but 1 is outstanding

Hi there,

I haven´t been using this site for very long.

I have 3 properties in the same listing, but 1 of them is better than the other 2...I would like to get more bookings for it.

How should I go about doing that ?  should I list it on its own ???

Please advise, many thanks Ruth

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Hi Ruth,


I think you mean you have one account and 3 listings for 3 different properties, please confirm?


Please share alot more detail as to what you have and provide the property listing link(s)

Then I should be able to advise better

This link should be in your partner profile already to complete it.


Kind regards

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30 days ago
Account Adviso…

Hi Ruth, 

Thank you for your question. 


Offering three villas on one listing allows guests to choose a villa that best suits their needs and wants.


If you are looking to promote a particular villa, then you can use our promotion centre. To learn more about promotions, you can visit the link below:



Kind regards, 

Tiffany L

27 days ago