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6-digit code never arrived by mail. Property still not bookable. What do I do?

Good day folks.

I'm trying to register a new property on I registered one property already before. For my second property, said they'd send the a mail (not e-mail) with a 6-digit verification code. The mail never arrived and my property is still unbookable and it's been a couple months. Anybody has the same problem? Who can i contact? What do I in this instance?

Edo Hrabrov

If you did not receive any mail by now, go to main page and click on option " I have not receive my code yet".

I had the same situation and only after that and after some telephone call i got it in my mailbox.


good morning

i had the same problem now i have recieved the code, but cannot find where to verify it i looked at the home page and all the other pages too

plz help


I too am trying to register a new property & have still not received a 6 digit code. I have asked for alternative contact twice & still have not had contact from anyone. We are missing out on bookings because we cannot proceed with the listing. What else can I do??????

Stephen Jackson

I have the same problem - waiting for several months now. There are no postal deliveries where our listing is located, and despite arranging Whatsapp calls (to verify the residence), the Cape Town office and general service has been very disappointing.

In sending messages to, all I get is a standard answer that it's been referred to a specialist. I've now had 3 of those replies, and nothing has happened.

Stephen Jackson

Hi Laura

Thanks for picking up on this - I've left a message on that link as well in the hope that Leandri (or someone else reading it) can assist.

Ideally I need someone at to make a firm commitment to contact me when I'm next at our holiday house, and then stick to their commitment to phone me at the agreed time.

Call centre agents are all very friendly, but unfortunately incapable of doing anything else than passing on messages.


After several attempts to get our code, we are still waiting. We do get emails saying that the code was send on a specific date but up to now we have received zero. Phone calls and mails have been done and send but no reaction. Can someone please help?

Stephen Jackson

Try <name edited> - he was very helpful in getting our listing up and running.

Without him, I'd still be waiting.