about my account

hello i would like to be contact with someone so he can help me about my listing my properties and the rates




Share all the detailed questions you have first please

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Please log onto your Booking.com Extranet.

1. Go to Inbox

2. Got to Booking.com Messages (scroll down to the bottom right)

You should be able to see a phone number on how to reach Booking.com.

Hope that helps.



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I really dont like it when half answers are given...

nor misinformation..., which then leads to the author of the post getting infuriated by BdC Staff,  because they try to follow the info and cant see a phone number based on that misinfo.


This in turn leads to a bad taste, and a bad reputation.

I'm all about identifying root causes  in order to fix it. Otherwise it can never get fixed.

Yes its an IT ITIL standard too, which also applies to helpdesk/support staff.

So I'm very familiar with it.  


I have seen you and another do this many times and I said nothing, but enough is enough.


I'm hopeful by making you aware of this you can learn from it and improve.

and to make my point I just followed your instructions and recorded it and how its incorrect...


Please dont reply if you are not going to  make the effort to give the full correct details .


There has never been a phone number displayed in the lower right since Q1 2020.



Kind Regards

advisor gives wrong contact support info