Access to booking.com API

Hello booking.com. I'm setting up a new listing site lovebnb.com. We are the dedication online platform for the UK B&B Association and I'm exploring ways we can enable new members to join us by simply giving us their accommodation listing url's from the major listing platforms such as yourselves, Homeaway and Airbnb etc. I'm not technically minded but have a great developer in India and he tells me we need to ask for access to your API to enable potential new memners to copy and paste their booking.com url to our sign-up page for an easy-on-boarding to the site. We're not involved with the booking or payment process but will be bouncing all booking enquiries to the booking landing page of the owners choice. Can you help? Many many thanks Paul Beebee (founder)



Hi Paul,


As an IT veteran myself , I am familiar with this and what you are trying to do.

Note this forum is really only a partner forum for fellow partners to try help each other out.


So this type of request really is more for a discussion with BdC directly. 

I do know that they have a XML method which is utilised by enabling Channel Managers.

If you have a property listing under this account then goto Account top right and under there is some info on channel managers and a review of many and also where you enable it.


I suspect you will not have access to that as you likely do not have any setup.


THis API access request is really more at the level of those Channel manager organisations, where ye would need to talk to BdC directly.


Unless there is info below in the footer under contact us , I do not know how else you can make that initial contact to then find the right team or contact.


Kind Regards