Accidentally gone live & unprepared

Howdy im attempting to get in touch with CS or any help thats available as ive landed myself and my listing in disarray, ARGHHH.  Just went live and have multiple bookings confirming by themselves without my knowledge and without me even screening the guests.  I have no enquiries but instead immidiate bookings and i have realised that none of my information in my listing is correct.   Rates, callendars, pax, descriptions arent corresponding to what i want up.  I need some guru to hold my hand and help me get this right.  Also i have a guest who ive asked to just cancel for tomorrow as i have already got guests in there and i dont want her to loose her money.  She does not deserve it as i have clearly stuffed up.

How do i turn my listing off live? 

How do i manage my bookings so that only i approve enquiries?

How do i set 1 rate for the entire house and not individual rooms.?

How do i apply an extra charge per head per night?

How do i apply 1 base rate 0f $70 oer night for 2 people and then $35 for every head there after per night ?

These are my main concerns for now :)


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Awaiting frantically.




Thanks for the update. I presumed all the booking sites were slightly the same. I cant believe that any hosts would just let anyone into there house without having cross referenced them?? Well thanks for the info.