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Accomadation agreement and commission rate

Hi There, I am in the process of listing my property but before I 'go live' I want to know how much commision charge. I see it is in the Accomadation Agreement that I sign. Do I sign this after I clic 'Make my property live' If so I really wanted to know before then. I feel at the beginning of this process I may of seen the % written somewhere. If so can someone tell me how I get to it. I am ready to clic 'Make it live' but I just want to answer this before I do.

Thank You


Donna Luxford

Hi @Blythlodge Chediston Chris. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I thought it was 15%. Havent had any bookings yet though to confirm. Pretty sure it is far higher than other platforms I am on. regards Donna