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Accommodating children

Please can someone help me - I'm trying to contact, but somehow I can't find a way to contact them - I have set our policy for children that we can accommodate children and they ask whether they can stay in existing beds, which we have said 'yes' to, but now I get a booking that has booked for our max nr of beds + 3 children... we cannot accommodate this and I don't understand how I'm supposed to set this policy to say 1) yes, we can accommodate children but 2) they will need to stay in the existing beds, i.e. cannot go over our max number of people that the appt sleeps....



Under policies you can set also how many children can sleep in existing bed.


I communicated with BDC via their messaging system about the way children should be set up. The answers I was getting didn't really make sense to me and I felt they were missing my point. After four different replies from three different people at BDC, I still find the solution unsatisfactory. However it seems to be the way it has to be.

I had "Yes" selected to the question "Can children stay in existing beds?" as you say you do and the screenshot in previous reply shows. It makes sense to me - existing beds, not extra beds, right? Apparently not. I now have "No" selected.

Here's a part of one of the replies I received from BDC:

"...I wanted to advise that when allow X amount of children to stay in existing beds, it will allow guests to book for over the maximum occupancy, as well as you would be charged commission on these costs.
If you state you can accept children, and either choose extra beds or any other option except existing beds, this will not allow any room to be booked for over the maximum occupancy,..."

This is still quite wrong in my mind but it seems to be the way it has to be set up for my purposes in any case. I would be very interested to hear from you if you've been able to communicate with BDC and what the outcome is. BTW, we are set up with the Occupancy Based pricing model.


Lesley and how would you like to make a set up regarding the children? I think the screen shot is quite clear and on point.


We have no extra beds possible, but children can stay in existing beds. This week I have had 3 over bookings. The guests book for 4 adults, fine we can sleep 6, but then they add there are 4 children in the writing, but not in the number of guests. I have sent messages asking them to cancel, and have had no response. They will turn up and be very disappointed. I don't see how this is my fault. We also have a room with a double bed. Guests turn up with children who are not on the booking application and think it is fine to put them in the double bed with them. This is not acceptable to us. The last time the "child" was a girl of 10 years of age. They either don't read what they are booking, or just ignore it. I don't know what else I can do.


Did you set in your policy how many children do you accept?
Based on your policy you don't have to accept these guests. Contact and they will try to contact them. Defenitly it's not your fault.

Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi There.

In 16 years we welcome all family with children, BUT............ it always been an issue.

How to do?

Children are welcome

Children up to 6 year stay for free..

Children up to 6 year have dinner for half price...

Just had a lovely family with a two years little Girl. (Its Free)

To dinner, a porcelain dining plate and a glass on the floor, brocken, Big smile, Ohh no problem..

Pie in bed, maddress out in the sun, washing, extra cleaning..Its free..

I do not feel correct to say no to family with children, I like to be kind, I play with peoples children,

Big smile, always, (but Im tired)

Its not about "small" money, I can charge for damage, its maybe few Euro, and I take peoples apologize,

I have two other family's living here for 5 to 8 days, people like to relax, enjoy good dinner, good wine, read a book, just Holiday..

Children??? I don't know how to do it, not for 16 years..

Thank you for reading,

Have a nice day


Le Balcon des Jasses, France.


I activated NO children (to 12y) policy and NO pets this year for the first time after 10 years working with BC. At least during the high season, and I bet I won't regret it. My property is on a peaceful spot, a sreaming baby during the night or a spoiled child/parents "ruins" everything specially the comfort of other guests that are staying here.

Le Balcon des Jasses

Thanks, good support, I will take this, and do the same.......... I believe I get more "relaxing" kind people If I say no to children, Thanks a lot..



We don't allow any guests under 18 years of age. Best business decision we've made.

Sabeli 3

Hi All,

I have only just joined BDC. I have advertised with other rental portals for over 10 years and I have never seen anything like this. The policies for children on this site are totally incorrect. I like many opinions on this subject want to accept families with children, but they are not going to be free, and can only sleep in the existing beds, at any age, unless babies where travel cots can be hired. Children definitely cause more expense to a booking, so we are definitely not letting them stay for free. These policies need to change. At the moment the only choice I have is to not accept Children. *** you need to change this option***. It is totally ridiculous that owners can not amend to their own requirements.


Under policies for children you can set "Child supplement pricing".

Le Balcon des Jasses

We took children in many years, up to 6 year no pay..We Change this year, now we Only take children over 6 year (on our policy) to day a young family arrive with a small baby, of course we welcome them, but general, I agree, we do not need to accommodate a family with kids and no pay, lots of screaming lots of mass, no way.

So in general, we need to get a little pay for our job. Children, in extra bed 25 € incl. continental breakfast.'s policy is ok, useful and great.

Good evening;

Le Balcon des Jasses



The problem with accepting the baby is your other guests! Our guests book with us because there are no children. There is no way we could allow a Guest to stay with a child as we would risk getting into trouble with UK Trading Standards.


We stopped taking children several years ago and life has been wonderful ever since

Bookings have gone up for couples not wanting children around

probably impractable for self catering and big hotels to do


Children, per se, have not been a problem for us thus far. As someone else mentioned in another thread recently, it's the age of the free-child-sharing-existing-bedding that seems to get abused.

Our policy is up to 5 years old, one child only, sharing with two adults. We have, many times, had parents in front of us claiming their child is only 5 when they are obviously not, plus the fact we need to see passports for ALL guests so their claims are quickly quashed.

Today we had a family of six for two rooms, three adults, 12 yo, 8 yo, and 4 yo. Basically, one over 5 too many. Unusually for us it was only a one night stay so we let it pass without comment. On other occasions it has lead to difficulties during the check in period when we are accused of adding charges without just cause, despite all the correct policies being in place. A particular family were incredulous at us objecting to 4 children, all over five!


Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I'm tidying up my listing guidelines and came to this forum for this very subject: how to set up a pricing/availability policy on children.

I have been renting my cottages (on and off) for some years now and have hosted several families with children - infant to 13-14. I guess I've been lucky not to have had the troubles some of you have had. I rent standalone cottages with two bedrooms and, on a several occasions, I've hosted families of two adults and 2 children; the parents use one room and the children use another. This does not impact income / pricing as the whole villa is booked.

I don't have a policy on children right now and wonder if I should have one....??? I don't want the hassles you have shared above; at the same time, I don't want to close my doors to families with children. I'm in a rural, seaside setting so disturbance to other guests from noisy children is not really an issue for me.

I'd appreciate any further advice you may have. Sadly, I too haven't had much luck accessing assistance from 'the Network" and I'm totally dependent on and grateful to this forum.

M Adamopoulou

To be or not to be that is the question....
To have or not to have children???
To have or not to have pets???
You cannot answer these questions with a yes or a no. It depends what you prefer and how much tolerance you can accept. I love children, I love pets I love life but in order to avoid struggles I try to have some rules. When kids get carried away I politely have a word with them. When guests arrive I am very polite with them but also let them understand that they have to respect my house and belongings. It all depends if the guests are responsible. To exclude children and pets you probably don’t have to face struggles but life would be boring. Your choice is yours...



How do I set this requirement:

We have two rooms listed,

Each room sleeps maximum of 2.

Can be 2 adults, 2 children, 1 adult or 1 child, 1 adult and 1 child

The price per room will remain the same regardless of occupancy.

How do I tell the listing I don't care if its an adult or a child, but the max per room is two?


Is the solution to do this to select "0" for Child occupancy?? So adults & children are essentially the same in that they occupy one place in a bed (1 per single/twin & 2 per queen/king/superking). I don't want extra people beyond those limits per bed.

After selecting 0 as the child occupancy then there's no way that a child can be added on, either paid or free that bumps up the occupancy above the maximum unless the people add children outside the booking window, in which case you'd have to email them.

I'm new to this - please correct me if I'm wrong (I probably am). This issue has been the most confusing aspect of signing up to this website.


Yes, you are correct. 

The only issue that I am experiencing: A couple makes a booking (max occupancy for 2), then arrives with a child or baby, saying.. the child will sleep in our bed. I don't accept such bookings.

My policies are clear and they also receive an automatic friendly reminder on the time of booking to give them an option for free cancelation.


"Please note:

- Our property is exclusively for adults only.

- Our standard occupancy doesn't allow additional children.

- All guests older than 12 are welcome."


And still it is not effective for some of them, because many guests don't read descriptions, policies and messages. 


M Adamopoulou

pibomarco you are right. I have faced same situation with children.

In a way I understand them because many children sleep with their parents as my granddaughter sleeps with me!!! So I am no so  strict with this policy.

Guests don’t read policies and messages...

They mostly read reviews and look at pictures.  Once BDC told me don’t worry about description...people don’t read...