Account Verification - problems with submition

I have just joined booking.com and have such strange problem. I want to fill all information needed in additional "Account Verification" . but it does not make me complete it. I am pushing " submit  for verification" but it does not give me any response. There is no error , all filled are filled, nothing wrong, just does not give me access to the next page or approval



What browser are you using and operating system?

I would first suggest you press ctrl-home buttons on your keyboard to go to the top of the page and then press TAB to go through each of the inputs as there is something that is stopping the verification process but not sending out an error. If that does not work, clear the browser caches and then eventually try a different browser (eg. if you are using a mac try a pc!)


I am having this same issue. Neither of those two suggestions fixed the problem. I am using Chrome on Windows 10.

I can't use my account if I can't submit the verification page. What now??