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Adding a gite to my listing

Hello All,

I currently have a B&B listed on, but want to add an adjoining gite.

Because it will have the same name, any suggestions if I add a new property or add to my existing property? 

Isle of Wight …

Is the gite self catering? If so, I would definitely list that separately to the B&B rooms.

Richard Murton

Thank you, I was wondering, but I have seen some with both B&B and Gite listed together.

Isle of Wight …

Might be worth having a good read through other people's listings and see what services are offered etc. You could create a new "temporary" listing with minimal details to see how to set them up, see how the set up works for you, and then you'll know the best way to set everything up for you

Leandri Klopper


I suggest listing it as a separate 'property' but add it from your Group home so that all if your listings fall under one group. Besides, will verify the property and in doing so make the modifications needed. 

Hope this helps!