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Advice regarding new returing clients, is it possible to offer them a individualised price offering?

Is it possible to offer a retiring client a special price for a certain time period in the future?



M Adamopoulou

Joey of course I agree with you about about basi decency. My first first guest I had he himself offered me the second time when coming again he would prefer to personally make his reservation and not through Booking


There is another way of doing it, hassle free.

But I will share it with someone, who really cares

Leandri Klopper

Hi all,

Normally when I see a return client (and that is IF I pick it up) I will phone and ask them to disocount the price. Then I tell the client to email me directly next time. Even if they book through, I can amend the price after the booking has been made.

But no, unless they are Genius guests. Then they see a discounted rate already which I will not discount further.

Amen Joey.