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I have recently joined booking as a partner, and I think I've made some mistakes because on my main page I see these notifications (picture). Do you know for how long people won't have access to book my room and what should I do to solve this problem?

Best regards, 

Nizami Markela 





1. Block bookings until setup complete 

Go ahead and make sure you have  in order the following setup fully before you get a booking and are not ready/


Note in order to setup and not get bookings while doing so , set all room types to status = closed immediately.

Many get caught out while setting up , with first bookings coming in .


Managing Availability   <<< digest this and others I have, click my name to find the list.

2. Use the Extranet on a Pc not mobile when setting up

Its too easy to miss things on a small screen,

get yourself in front of a computer and use a proper browser to setup the extranet fully. 

So you dont get caught out due to missing tasks; etc.


Mobile is fine for keeping an eye on notifications etc

3. Non Refundable Rates & Prepaid restriction


To get this lifted apply for Payments by Booking and turn on Prepaid under Property > Policies.

Also turn on guest info , phone and address mandatory.


Do not accept no for an answer when you apply for  Payments by BdC, tell them you cant take cash or card payments on arrival check-in ,and must have prepaid rates or you will take your business elsewhere.



Kind Regards.


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