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Altering my description

The description has provided is poor and badly written. Other properties in the area have obviously been altered but they will not change at all I have requested an alteration 3 times now.

They have phases such as units and hiking which do not fit in with British wording, help very frustrated at the moment thank you 

Leksammy 4 years ago

Same thing happened to me - I spent hours crafting a good description and they replaced it with something far inferior! They also listed it under Hotels, which is incorrect.

I am awaiting a reply to my email to explain this butchery!

Tepapauk 4 years ago

OMG!!! BC is wooing holiday rental properties becasue of the success of ABB and effectively stomp all over the smaller hosts. If this can't be changed I will consider removing my property from the site. It is better to not have the property displayed than it being badly represented.

I have just reviewed my earlier property and find it is a travesty. No surprise I receive more bookings else where.

Whitefeatherresort 4 years ago

Hye Friends!

I want to change the location of my hotel on, would anybody help me in this regard


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Parenthesescabins 3 years ago

The descriptions that Booking writes are horrible (often have grammar mistakes) and inaccurate. Plus, they tend to highlight things that no one cares about. Part of being able to market a property is being able to highlight what makes it unique. I don't understand why Booking doesn't get this and makes every description generic. Part of it is the need to be able to translate into other languages, but still!

Skilla65 3 years ago

I’ve made a description but I cannot find that!! Only the booking description appears and that is poor and orrible