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AREA INFO & tax city

HI there,


newbee here, thanks for any help.


How to I modify add info like location, payment extra services like kitchenette and city tax?




Under the property menu you will see the sections.


But for tax  that I believe is set by bdc.


I should be able to set the tax by myself right...Different countries or different hotel level different tax...


I spent two days studding the different options of the Property Section and it seams I keep missing the part where I can set costs for extra services as kitchenette or location info and city tax. Can somebody pls tell me with Section and Under Section should i look?

Thanks in advanced

Community Admin

Hi marcello and welcome to Community! If you need to set extra fees such as city taxes, service charges, etc you can find the option under: Property > Vat/Tax/charges. However, you won't have the option to set it so we recommend you to send a message thought your inbox. You can also set up some extra fees (limited options) from Property > Policies > Additional fees & charges. Good luck!