Arrival / Departure Restrictions

I have a  cottage for holiday rentals. I need to restrict arrivals and departures to Saturdays only at least in the core summer months. I can see in the Help Section that this can be done but when I get into 'Rates and Pricing' and then 'Calendar' and click on the drop-down arrow in 'standard rate' I am not offered either 'No Arrivals' or 'No Departures' as promised. Can anyone help?


Thank you for your response but Booking.com claims to offer these features. Can anyone else help?


Thank you for your help. I have received a response from booking.com which resolves the problem.

'Please be informed that we have updated it and from now on you are able to set up these particular restrictions (arrivals/departures on a certain days). You can easily do it via Extranet - Rates & Availability - Calendar - Press on Standard Rate - No Departures/No Arrivals (Edit).'

If this applies to you I hope it can be helpful


This is an important topic. The problem at my end is that I do not have 'standard rate' under Extranet - Rates & Availability - then Calendar, so I don't get this option of no arrivals / no departures but I need to have this as well as I want change over days (arrivals / departures) only on Saturdays.

M Adamopoulou

I think that you have to ask booking.com to update your calendar with this option in order to be available.


I have the same problem. Can not find a way to restrict check-ins.

Why does booking.com make these things so complicated. I am no dummy and I have my property listed on several other sites......but booking.com is so complicated.

Do I really have to ask them to make changes to my calendar before I an do this simple edit?


Hi! Do you have this option in the advanced restrictions?