Automatically closing room overnight

Hi, We have 2 out of 3 rooms that become unavailable overnight. The availability calendar goes from green to red overnight and we have to manually change it back to green (available) in the mornings. We have been in touch with Partner Help but am getting no results. 

Has anyone else experienced this? If so any advice what we can do to rectify this issue. 




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We have the same problem. At first I thought it was a check in time problem. Let's say that the check in time is up to 11pm only, so the listing will close automatically at 11pm.
No. It's not about check in time. We can check in the guest all night long and changed the check in time settings. Magically at 11pm local time the unit becomes unavailable (red light on the calendar). If I'm trying to change it ti green by updating the "number of rooms" to sell, it almost immediately goes back to red.
So bad. Host is losing money because of it

1 year ago