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Available rooms does not show on the bookingsite


If i visit as a guest at and want to book a room at my premises, the messege: "This property has no availability on our site" apairs for the dates that i serge for, but in the calender the dates are open for booking. What can i do to open up for booking at my premesis, the summer is here soon and i need to get this out to the public.

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Ronny Sandberg

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

If you go into Rates and Availability, Calendar is it showing as rooms available to sell?  If you put it into List view it should show as Green.  As this is the partner forum we are unable to look at your setup.  If you can't see the problem you should message help team using Inbox icon on Extranet.

Ronny Sandberg 2 years ago

Thank you for answering Sharon:)

Yes, the dates that are availeble for booking is green in the calender.

I will contact the help team, and see what they say.

Thanks again:)