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So far I HATE this site. Really difficult to navigate and doesn't work to boot!! I hhave changed the minimum stay 6 times and people are still booking for one night!!!!! 

Anyone know how to fix this infuriating issue?? need to sort it out!! AWFUL WEBSITE



Hi Susan,

  1. Welcome to the partner community, addressing partners, and a place to vent about all things BdC.  
  2. The UX is perfectly fine, its just the learning curve for many is high.  
  3. Rate Plans needs to be  set first with minimum nights.  
  4. Promotions when incorrectly setup can result in this.  
  5. How many rate plans are setup? what are they and set as for min night stay?  
  6. Do you also have any active promotions.?  
  7. Did you request all the hidden extended fields in calendar to be activated?


You can preview and update  all in Calendar List View, on left column click on a rate plan name to expand it to see the extended fields.

Review the dates for the min length of stay line, do you see 6?



Reminder : partner profile is incomplete missing the property listing link.

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


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