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Basic Property setup


In all these FAQ, there is never a simple guide when you want one, so:

I have a Cottage with 4 x double bed rooms

I rent the cottage out for £220  per night for 8 guests or £175 a night for 6 guests, I found this with occupancy pricing.

In the scenario of 6 guests arriving I wish them to choose 3 out of the 4 rooms when they book, thus I can physically lock the unused room out of action. I have seen bits about Room types but I cant fathom out what to do and make it simple for me to understand and apply to my property listing without breaking it.

Any help and guidance would be thoroughly appreciated.

Thanks you 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Anne 


Welcome to Partner Hub Community, not a BdC support Team.


Actually there are loads , including those by clicking on my name :)


Now to the actual topic: How to get  guests to choose 3 of 4 rooms when less than 7 staying.

The simple answer is there is no such thing. This is very much unqiue to you.


Technically as a IT Service Provider I could lock all rooms remotely using a Yale Keyless lock (requires local broadband, plus a Samsung Hub V3 +, and the Samsung Smartthings Classic app).

But I would not try to ask them to pick 3  rooms. You would have to do that for them, and remotely  with above method could easily do so.


In the grans scheme of things it would be simpler to just charge one price for whole unit as its more hassle that its worth.


The cost of the IT solution is about 500-600stg if you include the front door main entry.


I use it myself, and love it , no more lost keys.  :)




Kind Regards


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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

Hi Anne - why do you think just because there are only 6 people they don't want to use all 4 bedrooms.  Lots of friends travel together and want their own bedrooms.  I am just booking accommodation for a trip with 2 friends.  We are booking 3 bedrooms properties because we all want our own bedrooms.  Also if families are staying then the children probably want their own rooms as well.  Appreciate it is more laundry cost but that's part of having flexibility of 4 bedrooms, you will get more bookings.

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BrookAve 2 years ago

yep thats agood point too, i forgot that one +1


laundry cost should still be the same as 4 dbl bed clothes can fit in a typical washing machine .