Bed count issue

Hi all. I am creating my new listing. I have 2 living room futons, 2 bedrooms with 3 beds total, and a back bedroom with futon. The back bedroom does not have proper door, it only has a thick curtain. I have it listed on Airbnb as a bedroom with futon, along with a full disclosure regarding the lack of proper door, per Airbnb support advise. Here on Booking.com, I didn't list it as a bedroom, but rather "other space". However, when I saw the overview of my listing, it shows "sleeps 8, 4 beds". My math tells me they omitted the living room beds.

Since apparently they don't list living room as beds, and there is no way for me to distinguish between futons and beds on the listing so far, perhaps I shouldn't list the back room with the futon at all. However, when I go to edit, it won't let me edit or remove the "other space", or remove the bed.

As I continue with the listing, will there be another opportunity for me to provide further detail regarding bed types before it goes live? It doesn't seem like there will be. If not, how can I fix this?



M Adamopoulou

Hi! Kathleen and welcome to the Partner Community.

You can always up date your beds  in your Property tab.  Maybe you should call your BDC local office and ask for support how to add this special bed.

Please share some pictures of your place!!!

Wish you all the best.