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Bed name not available


I want to set up a listing for beds in a small dormitory which has two queenside beds and therefore fits 4 people. When selecting "Bed in dormitory" as room type I'm struggling with a proper bed name because "Bed in (2-bed mixed) dormitory room" is not available. Whereas everything from 4 beds onwards is and "Bed in male dormitory room" is as well. Do you have any ideas or could booking please add options here?


TIA Judith

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fluff 3 years ago

Are you aware that the term Queensize bed varies from country to country on which size it denotes.

e.g. in the UK a Queensize is a little smaller than a standard double (sometimes called a large single). However, in Australia a Queensize is a little larger than a double.

I can't remember exactly now but doesn't the bedsize in extranet come along with actual dimensions? If yes, choose the most appropriate.