Bed name not available


I want to set up a listing for beds in a small dormitory which has two queenside beds and therefore fits 4 people. When selecting "Bed in dormitory" as room type I'm struggling with a proper bed name because "Bed in (2-bed mixed) dormitory room" is not available. Whereas everything from 4 beds onwards is and "Bed in male dormitory room" is as well. Do you have any ideas or could booking please add options here?


TIA Judith


Are you aware that the term Queensize bed varies from country to country on which size it denotes.

e.g. in the UK a Queensize is a little smaller than a standard double (sometimes called a large single). However, in Australia a Queensize is a little larger than a double.

I can't remember exactly now but doesn't the bedsize in extranet come along with actual dimensions? If yes, choose the most appropriate.